Do Your Part

About us

Welcome to DYP stands for Do Your Part!  Some people call it Dyp and some spell it out as D.Y.P.  We aren't too picky over here as long as you are doing your part! 

Our goal at DYP is  to Help People Make The Change to Help Change The Planet.  DYP was Founded in 2017 as a NaturaPure and started out by making Wool Dryer Balls and in 2019 we launched our DYP zero waste collection that includes a variety of everyday essentials targeted to help the planet and reduce unnecessary waste. 

In 2019, we opened a brick and mortar called DYP Refillery.  We currently us this as a test market for many of the items available for resale.  As we grow, we continue to bring in new multi-use items that replace the need for disposable, short-lived options. We brand these products under DYP and that has become our home base for all things minimal waste.